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    Varied turnkey services for all types of roofs

    Our team of experienced roofers is at your disposal to accomplish various roofing projects and offer you an entirely personalized service.

    Our experts excel in two different sectors :

    • Residential roofing
    • Commercial roofing

    With Toitures FD, you benefit from several advantages such as:

    • Satisfaction guaranteed
    • A competent and devoted team of professionals
    • An accredited and renown roofing contractor
    • Efficient management of your roofing projects
    • Competitive prices

    A simple phone call will allow us to target your request and offer you a solution completely adapted to your needs.

    Elastomeric membrane roof installation

    In Quebec, it is the preferred roof for commercial and industrial buildings with large surface flat roofs. The elastomeric membrane is an extremely durable material and therefore highly sought after. Installed on a flat roof, it makes is resistant and efficient in severe weather. This type of roof has become increasingly popular over the years thanks to its advantageous properties and simple of installation.

    Talk to our experts about whether elastomeric membrane roofing is the best option for your project. They will ensure that the chosen roof harmonizes perfectly with your home or commercial building. We also guarantee the roof corresponds in all respects to your expectations.

    Asphalt and gravel shingle roof installation

    Whether for a residential or commercial roofing project, asphalt and gravel shingle roofing offers optimal protection against weather and moisture. This material stands out for its strength, durability and excellent value for money. Rely on our team of professionals for your upcoming roofing work!

    When the work team will come to your home, they will protect their workspace optimally and carry out the work safely. They will care for your home as if it was their own!

    Upon the completion of the project, your property will be left as it was before the work began. A complete turnkey service!

    Roof repair

    You certainly wish to:

    • Maintain your roof as long as possible
    • Avoid water infiltration problems
    • Save energy

    Call on our specialists in roof maintenance and repair to keep your roof in good condition.

    Our team will come to your home and analyze your roof, then submit a detailed plan of the repairs to be carried out.

    It is highly recommended to repair roof damages as soon as they are noticed. Delays to do so can result in your roof becoming vulnerable to the weather which will eventually lead to water infiltration problems.

    Call on our experts without further delay!

    Roof maintenance

    You lack the time to maintain your roof or are you simply not comfortable doing so ?

    Be aware that regular maintenance of your roof can extend its life. This will give you the most out of your investment by having a longer lasting roof.

    Advantages of regular roof maintenance:

    • Save energy
    • Avoid water infiltration problems
    • Preserve the insulation, thermal and water-repellent qualities of materials

    Generally, roof maintenance is performed in the spring or fall.


    Contact our team for more information!

    Roof inspection

    An anomaly on your roof can quickly cause considerable damage if you don’t notice it right away. A visit from our roof inspection workers will allow you to extend the life of your roof. A detailed document of the inspection will be provided.

    Our experts will come to your home to analyze your roof as well as:

    • Detect any signs of premature or normal wear and tear
    • Identify any damage that may or may not worsen
    • Evaluate any problem that could compromise in the short, medium or long term, the waterproofing or longevity of your roof.

    Ideal time for roof inspection :

    • Spring
    • Fall

    In these two periods, the roof is completely clear and allows an in-depth analysis.

    Note that it is also important to favor a roof inspection after major climatic events such as:

    • Torrential rain
    • Violent winds
    • A tornado

    Do not hesitate to contact us!

    Roof snow removal

    Do you find that clearing snow from your roof is a risky operation and want to delegate this chore to professionals?

    To secure your roof this winter, simply contact our roof snow removal team for peace of mind. The intervention of our specialists will protect your home or commercial building from possible damage caused by snow accumulation. Also, we ensure the safety of the occupants and prevent the risk of collapsing.

    Our specialists carry out this type of work with up-to-date professional mesures while using the appropriate equipment. A safety perimeter is installed during the operation in order to clear snow without damaging the waterproofing membrane of your roof.

    Generally, snow removal from your roof is recommended at least once a winter and especially when snow accumulating is greater than 60 centimeters.

    Trust our team of experts, peace of mind guaranteed!