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    Toitures FD : The reference for your project

    For several years, Toitures FD has distinguished itself by its unique expertise performed by a team of talented roofers.

    In this section, discover the variety of roofing projects carried out by our experienced workers. You will see the precision and professionalism that guided our teams in the execution of their work.

    Thanks to our services, our customers have saved time and money due to our precise work ethic and competitive market prices. We also surround ourselves with excellent suppliers who allow us to obtain durable and high-end materials.

    In summary, we aim for the complete satisfaction of our customers!

    Admire some of our achievements below.

    Elastomeric membrane roof repair

    For several years, our highly skilled team has carried out elastomeric membrane roofing work. Having many advantages, this material is popular among our customers:

    • Low maintenance
    • Lifespan: 25 to 30 years (with yearly maintenance)
    • Efficient sealing
    • High quality weather protection
    • Supports extreme weather and rapid temperature changes
    • Excellent investment

    Two types of elastomeric membrane are available and have been used in the work illustrated below:

    • Traditional elastomeric membrane (installed with a torch)
    • Self-adhesive elastomeric membrane (cold installation)

    Here are some elastomeric membrane roofing projects carried out by our experienced workers.

    Asphalt and gravel shingle roof repair

    Asphalt and gravel shingle roofs are also very popular with many customers. This material offers undeniable advantages such as:

    • Excellent value for money
    • Simple installation
    • Large availability
    • Simple maintenance
    • Very high weather resistance
    • Exceptional durability
    • Strong seal
    • Affordable pricing

    Our team has completed several asphalt and gravel shingle roofing projects which can be seen below.

    Please take a look!

    Construction of new residential and commercial roofs

    Our team’s priority: satisfaction 100% guaranteed!

    Whether your roofing project is residential or commercial, our experts know the most efficient techniques and adapt to your request.

    With Toitures FD, you will never have unpleasant surprises!

    We complete roofing projects for a variety of different customers, individuals or companies, and we collaborate in the greatest transparency.

    As budget and deadline are important aspects, we are committed to meeting deadlines and avoiding additional costs.

    Discover below our new constructions of residential and commercial roofs.

    Residential and commercial roof inspections

    Did you know that a roof inspection could save you a lot of trouble?

    If damage is present on your roof, it could be difficult to notice without inspection and could worsen quickly.

    Toitures FD’s specialists recognize the more at risk areas of the roof, they will therefore perform an in-dept analysis.

    The following elements are thoroughly surveyed:

    • Damaged or missing shingles
    • Flashings, soffits and membranes
    • Gutters
    • Exhaust valves
    • Chimney
    • Roof edge

    Ideally, a proper inspection should be conducted in the fall, after the leaves have fallen, or in the spring, following the melting of the snow.

    If you notice the following issues in your home, you should consider a roof inspection:

    • Mold caused by moisture and humidity
    • Subsidence between the rafters
    • Water stains, ceiling or exterior wall leakage
    • Pealing wall paper

    We have helped many customers avoid serious roofing problem thanks to our thorough preventive inspections.

    Here are several recently inspected commercial properties and buildings.

    Residential and commercial roof maintenance

    Why should you consider roof maintenance?

    Here are several benefits due to a roof regularly cleaned and maintained:

    • Extend the longevity of your roof
    • Repair slight damage before they worsen
    • Save money in the long term
    • Maintain the value of your property or commercial building

    Generally, roof maintenance procedures are carried out in the fall and the spring

    In the spring, you will notice:

    • Damage caused by the winter season, if applicable
    • The presence of bird nests in gutters

    In the fall, it is strongly recommended to:

    • Remove all fallen leaves, branches, moss, fungi and dirt

    Our professionals are equipped to carry out the maintenance of your roof with ease and speed.

    Here are some of the properties and commercial buildings on which maintenance has been done.

    Snow removal for residential and commercial roofs

    Removing snow from your roof in winter may seem trivial, but it is essential to ensure your safety and avoid the risk of roof subsidence.

    Why is it dangerous to let snow accumulate on your roof?

    • Snow can restrict or block the flow of water to drains or gutters.
    • Snow can damage your roof by creating cracks which can lead to water infiltration.
    • The weight of the snow can cause the roof to subsident or even completely collapse (in the worst case).

    For maximum safety, we recommend that you do business with our roof snow removal professionals.

    You will find below some examples of roof snow removal work carried out by our team.

    Are you interested in leaning more about our achievements?

    It will be our pleasure to discuss and share with you the positive opinions and feedback of our customers.