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    Toitures FD: Extensive experience!

    Toitures FD, whose reputation is well established, is ranked highly in the Quebec market in terms of installation, snow removal, inspection, repair and maintenance of roofs.

    Our skilled workers stand out for their remarkable expertise in the profession, in-depth knowledge of the field and attention to detail in order to perform the most conscientious work. The experienced team at Toitures FD perform in two different sectors:

    • Residential
    • Commercial

    Whether we work with elastomeric membrane roofs or asphalt and gravel shingles, the professionals at Toitures FD use state-of-the-art techniques to offer you high quality service that meets the field’s latest standards.

    Thanks to our talented roofing experts, you will benefit from a service that meets the highest standards in the industry.

    A high-performance and dedicated team

    By working with Toitures FD, you are ensured a service provider attentive to your needs. We favor transparent and open communication in order promote easy and simple exchanges throughout the work period.

    We are also committed to creating a good relationship with our customers. In this regard, we rely on a personalized approach and continuous sharing of information.

    Our team has unparalleled dedication, efficient working methods and a mindset of excellence and mutual respect. The team of employees will work rigorously for the success of your project!

    Our mission : Strive for excellence in roof covering

    Toitures FD offers exceptional roofing services performed by the best roofing workers in the field of roofing in Quebec.

    Our high standards of quality turn our achievements into truly successful realizations.

    Our goal is for the customers to be left entirely satisfied with the work completed. Subsequently why we rely on:

    • Collaboration
    • Respect
    • Integrity
    • Confidence
    • Transparence
    • Performance
    • Meticulousness

    This allows us to respond effectively to your requests and deliver a project in all respects   to your expectations.

    We are also making every effort to meet the deadlines initially set out in the work schedule.

    Whichever type of project you entrust in Toitures FD, our experts remain at your disposal for any questions you may have throughout the work.

    Our services for residential and commercial roofing

    We offer the following services :

    • Elastomeric membrane roof installation
    • Asphalt and gravel shingle installation
    • Roof repair and maintenance
    • Roof inspection service
    • Roof snow removal service

    You wish to know a little more about the different types of roofs?

    Elastomeric membrane roof:

    Is the roof typically used for commercial and industrial buildings with large flat roofs.The elastomeric membrane offers uniformity, durability and sealing. In general, it has a lifespan of approximatly 30 years. It requires little maintenance and remains very resistant to severe weather.

    Asphalt and gravel shingle roof:

    Asphalt and gravel shingle roofing is a multi-layer roofing process that stands out for its affordable price and increased durability, if well maintained. Indeed, this type of coverage can last between 14 and 20 years.

    Our professionals will assist you in selecting the most appropriate and advantageous roof for your situation.

    High quality material for a durable roof

    The quality of the materials has a direct impact on the lifespan of the roof. For this reason, our team selects the material carefully according to what is best suited for your project and budget.

    Our professional roofers have precise knowledge regarding every type of roof covering as well as their distinct features which will guide you in making the best informed choices.

    Different factors can influence your decision :

    • Estimated lifespan of the material
    • The guarantee offered
    • Your budget
    • The type of roof
    • Necessary maintenance

    By talking with our specialists, you will benefit from their professional advice in order to choose the best option for your roofing project.

    Our accreditations

    Why choose Toitures FD?

    Toitures FD will offer you:

    • Efficient team with recognized knowledge
    • Specialists in the installation, repair, maintenance, inspection and snow removal of roofs
    • Proactive and human customer service
    • A personalized approach
    • An optimal guarantee
    • Advise for your roof selection
    • Free estimate

    A successful residential and commercial roofing company for impeccable results!

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